Welcome to Segmania!

You want Segways? We got Ďem! A ride on one of these super smart, self-balancing chariots will make you howl with laughter and send the adrenaline into overdrive. Feel your senses fizz and spine tingle as you fly round a countryside course peppered with humps, bumps twists and turns. The Segway experience is definitely one for the bucket list. Step up and get your glide on!

Fancy a cross country trek in one of Britainís most beautiful locations? Discover Lincolnshireís lush Belton Woods on a Segway safari.

Wanna race your friends? A fast ín furious Segway rally is just what the adrenaline doctor ordered!

The Segway experience isnít just about speed. Think youíve got the skills to smash a Segway slalom? Thereís only one way to find out: jump on and weave your way through strategically placed cones. Hit one and youíll rack up penalty points. Doh!

Up for a spot of sightseeing but donít fancy pounding the pavements? Take a Segway tour and glide your way round one of Europeís most exciting cities. Itís the only way to travel.

Segway experiences are great for everything from stag parties and hen dos to team building days and corporate events. Get a group together for a ride to remember!

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